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Losing That “Ink” of Love

Oh, sappy vocabulary, where have you gone to?? After three failed relationships, my hopes and dreams filled with love and dreaminess were outshone by my cynicism and pessimism in thinking and dealing with relationships. I once believed in princesses and damsels-in-distresses who were able to find their redeemers when trapped in dismal circumstances, ogres with… Continue reading Losing That “Ink” of Love

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It’s Clean Up Time with Kythe Foundation

One of the fondest memories I have when I started studying Social Work was becoming a volunteer for Kythe Foundation. Kythe Foundation is a non-profit organization in the Philippines that provides psychosocial care to children with chronic illnesses like cancer. They also lend support to the family or caregivers of the patient, ensuring that the… Continue reading It’s Clean Up Time with Kythe Foundation